New Zealand – Wednesday, March 17

There are pictures on the internet of my time here.  Check them out.

Peter took me to an air strip where they were loading a plane. I think I got some pictures of the loader in action. The plane takes just a few minutes to drop the load on the hills. He is guided by a GPS signal so he knows where the last pass was.  From the time he lands untel he Is taking off again is less than one minute and in this case he had 1 and 1/2 tons of powder in the load.
The system can change the productive capacity of the grass because we will have measured the soil with a test and know the trace elements that are lacking. The load in this case had a blend of Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Copper, Cobalt, and Manganese. One of the fuctions of Manganese is to allow the water molecule to split into an H+ and an -OH ion so it allows immediate action following a rain. Where there is a deficit of Manganese, grass will not grow and grapes will not set on the vine so we can work miracles. [Read more →]

Advice – From Peter’s Mother

Speak Gently
 Speak gently! — It is better far
    To rule by love, than fear —
Speak gently — let not harsh words mar
    The good we might do here!

Speak gently! — Love doth whisper low
    The vows that true hearts bind;
And gently Friendship’s accents flow;
    Affection’s voice is kind.

Speak gently to the little child!
    Its love be sure to gain;
Teach it in accents soft and mild: —
    It may not long remain.

Speak gently to the young, for they
    Will have enough to bear —
Pass through this life as best they may,
   ‘T is full of anxious care!

Speak gently to the aged one,
  Grieve not the care-worn heart;
The sands of life are nearly run,
  Let such in peace depart!

Speak gently, kindly, to the poor;
  Let no harsh tone be heard;
They have enough they must endure,
  Without an unkind word!

 Speak gently to the erring — know,
  They may have toiled in vain;
Perchance unkindness made them so;
  Oh, win them back again!

Speak gently! — He who gave his life
  To bend man’s stubborn will,
When elements were in fierce strife,
  Said to them, “Peace, be still.”

Speak gently! — ‘t is a little thing
  Dropped in the heart’s deep well;
The good, the joy, which it may bring,
  Eternity shall tell.

Eastern New Zealand

I am on the east coast. There is a town on the east called Napier another near it called Hastings I am a little south and on Highway 2.  I am about 5 hours driving time south of Auckland.
I go with Peter to hold meetings and he and a new partner are consultants. They do not farm. They have a laboratory. The web site is

I am indeed blessed with good health. We are busy almost all day and do a lot of driving. I just sit there when we are driving. I am just a story teller at the meetings but I am good at telling the farmers about how to utilize the services of the Lab. [Read more →]

Hills, airplanes, and farming

We will go to an area where we want to develop more business. Advertise the meeting and call our regular clients and hope for a few more farmers to explain what we do.
It is a wonderful way for me to see the country,
We have Beef Cattle and Sheep farms and the main diet for these animals is grass.
The topography of many of these farms is on the side of a mountain. When we prescribe a fertilizer, it will be applied to the farm by an airplane. It is a remarkable process to watch. The airstrip will be flat area of grass probably on a mountainside someplace near the farm. The fertiliser will be delivered by a truck to the airstrip. The loader is a truck that can go on the highway but when it gets to the loading site the loader is built on the back of the truck so the driver then changes seats so he can see what he is doing. [Read more →]

This is Friday, March 12

We do not have any meeting on the list for tonight. It has been another exciting week. Probably the most interesting call we made this week was to the William Wallace farm.
He has been a client for about 12 years. We were called because he had 2 paddocks to soil test. Each area had been recently harvested, and he is convinced that it pays off to always know what is happening in his farm. It surely is one of the finest I have ever seen. He has two farms the one we were at is his first and is a little over 900 acres.
It is really a show place farm. Every paddock is surrounded by a permanent 5 wire fence. The second wire is an electric wire and the 4th is also an electric wire. The permanent fence is separated from the adjacent fence by an access road that is to allow movement of livestock, or farm machinery, or moving hay bales to the storage areas. The access road is covered with gravel and graded. It will drain so there are no puddles. [Read more →]

Wonderful manganese

I had a good farmer meeting last night. We signed up 4 new clients and have encouraged several other old client’s.  It was a joy to be a part of it.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing I have to report is that I am experiencing a marvellous strengthening of my balance and control of my legs.  We were studying a book written by an Australian scientist on possible benefits of Manganese. Peter gave me a bottle of manganese pills (just capsules of ground up rock).  I decided to take 1 every other day.
I have noticed a definite improvement in my sense of balance but the remarkable thing is my ability to get up out of a low chair. I am absolutely delighted. [Read more →]

New Zealand – Friday, March 6

Well we had a very interesting week. I have had a wonderful fun time seeing many miles of the North Island.
Our turnout to the meetings was not good. The advertising firm they hired did a poor job of sending out the flyers announcing the meetings so we did not get very many in attendance.
We did get a chance to polish our presenting and had some contacts that will give us a place for following up.  My friends at Quantum Lab have been in business long enough so that a few poorly attended meetings is a bump in the road. We will figure out better ways. 

The place we go on Monday will be well covered because it is Raymond Burr’s home town. He had a dairy farm there and milked over 500 cows so he has some good contacts there.  His success with the advice of Peter Lester made a huge difference in his herd’s performance so that is the reason he thought he could enjoy being a part of the Quantum Lab. He bought a 50% share of the Lab so he will ultimately be the boss.  [Read more →]

Sunday, March 1 – New Zealand

I watched Bob Schuller and Charles Stanley this morning.
Then Peter and I went to Hastings about 25 miles to a big store to buy another screen to show movies on because we wanted one screen for the computer power point and another for the overhead projector to shoe typewritten slides.
Tomorrow we are off on the first tour we will be gone until Friday. We hope to see a lot of farmers with the 4 meetings we have scheduled.  We will go north from Peter’s house and have high hopes to have maybe 100 per meeting. 
I am having lots of problems with my eyes. I cant see good enough to use the computer well.
This is the 3rd computer I have used here and I like this one the best but I am about to give up..
We will not be near a computer I want to be use until Friday.
More later, doc