Eastern New Zealand

I am on the east coast. There is a town on the east called Napier another near it called Hastings I am a little south and on Highway 2.  I am about 5 hours driving time south of Auckland.
I go with Peter to hold meetings and he and a new partner are consultants. They do not farm. They have a laboratory. The web site is www.quantumlabs.co.nz

I am indeed blessed with good health. We are busy almost all day and do a lot of driving. I just sit there when we are driving. I am just a story teller at the meetings but I am good at telling the farmers about how to utilize the services of the Lab.
I live in a building that was a part of a school site. There are 4 buildings and you can find the on goggle Earth the town of Waipawa. The Street address is 4 Victoria street . If you look from the top there are 4 similar building and I live in one that is nearest to the bigger building that is a new house. I don’t know if you can find it but the 4 are similar when looking from the top.
Peter has a good name and a good business and 1800 clients and many of them have been with him for a long time. His new partner is a very fine 43 year old ex dairy farmer. He is going to do well. Raymond Burr its his name. He took a farm that was in trouble and with Peter’s testing and coaching mad it into a super producer. It had a circular rotary milking platform and 40 milking machines on it. By the time it runs around and the cow is out of grain and her automatic takeoff has removed the milker she gets off and another gets on.
The main diet is grass. The cows do the harvesting and spreading the manure. He and two other people milked over 500 cows. It is such good producer now that the grass is right he could sell at a very profitable figure.
I really am having fun and enjoy what I am doing. It is great to feel worth while again.

More later when I find time.

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