Sunday, March 1 – New Zealand

I watched Bob Schuller and Charles Stanley this morning.
Then Peter and I went to Hastings about 25 miles to a big store to buy another screen to show movies on because we wanted one screen for the computer power point and another for the overhead projector to shoe typewritten slides.
Tomorrow we are off on the first tour we will be gone until Friday. We hope to see a lot of farmers with the 4 meetings we have scheduled.  We will go north from Peter’s house and have high hopes to have maybe 100 per meeting. 
I am having lots of problems with my eyes. I cant see good enough to use the computer well.
This is the 3rd computer I have used here and I like this one the best but I am about to give up..
We will not be near a computer I want to be use until Friday.
More later, doc

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