This is Friday, March 12

We do not have any meeting on the list for tonight. It has been another exciting week. Probably the most interesting call we made this week was to the William Wallace farm.
He has been a client for about 12 years. We were called because he had 2 paddocks to soil test. Each area had been recently harvested, and he is convinced that it pays off to always know what is happening in his farm. It surely is one of the finest I have ever seen. He has two farms the one we were at is his first and is a little over 900 acres.
It is really a show place farm. Every paddock is surrounded by a permanent 5 wire fence. The second wire is an electric wire and the 4th is also an electric wire. The permanent fence is separated from the adjacent fence by an access road that is to allow movement of livestock, or farm machinery, or moving hay bales to the storage areas. The access road is covered with gravel and graded. It will drain so there are no puddles.
The farm is flat country and is divided so that most of the paddocks have fields that are about a half mile long so it is designed to make efficient use of the mechanized farming. It is the showplace that tells the world that here is the place that has good crops. He took six tons of barley per acre off the field we tested. Peter Lester told me that if a farmer got 4 tons he would be very pleased. It is graphic proof that Quantum Lab advice produces results.
William Wallace does not own any large farm machinery. He uses custom farm companies to get his farming done and there are several good companies like that. The custom farmer is then able to use the latest and most modern equipment and since he can expect to use it many more times every year than a single owner would.
It is a good system. The specialist is usually the man who does the best job because he is doing what he likes to do. He will always have the ability do a better job.
The type of client that is sold on this Quantum lab philosophy is a wonderful person to work with and it is a joy for me to be able to work with the best farms in the country and I am sure the system will continue to grow. The new owner is Raymond Burr and is a real gentleman. He used Quantum Lab for more than 10 years and got the message. I believe he can make it grow. He reminds me of one of my dearest friends, Bill Schmidt.
I have been invited to come back here next year. So I have a way to escape the bitter Minnesota winter. Peter Lester suggests that since Luella would not like the long airplane ride that we take a cruise on the water and that way we can enjoy a leisurely journey on the way over. There are some really fancy apartments on some of the more scenic areas where we could stay and the work I will do could be scheduled so I would have long weekends.
More later
doc Bob the happy wanderer.

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