What is in your hand?

What is in your hand?  Or, What is in your inventory?

When disaster strikes as it certainly has in these United States this year it seems to me we need to raise our sights and look at the answers to these two questions.

As I watch the real winners respond to disaster in our land and see how they have turned a situation that seemed insurmountable into a pathway to victory, I wanted to see how they did it.

The greatest treasures any of the winners have is the sure and certain belief they have solidly planted in their own soul that :

1 God is in charge and He owns it all. [Read more →]

New Learning

I am enjoying learning how to ride a tricycle. 
The answer is simple you are not really in charge. 
No such thing as banking with your body on turns.
You must SLOW DOWN on turns or you will tip over.

There is a nice plus.  It is geared so it is really easy to pedal.

I made some adjustments to the carrier on my car so I can take it to some of my favorite places to bike.


I am enjoying it more than I expected.
Bob Scott