New Zealand – Friday, March 6

Well we had a very interesting week. I have had a wonderful fun time seeing many miles of the North Island.
Our turnout to the meetings was not good. The advertising firm they hired did a poor job of sending out the flyers announcing the meetings so we did not get very many in attendance.
We did get a chance to polish our presenting and had some contacts that will give us a place for following up.  My friends at Quantum Lab have been in business long enough so that a few poorly attended meetings is a bump in the road. We will figure out better ways. 

The place we go on Monday will be well covered because it is Raymond Burr’s home town. He had a dairy farm there and milked over 500 cows so he has some good contacts there.  His success with the advice of Peter Lester made a huge difference in his herd’s performance so that is the reason he thought he could enjoy being a part of the Quantum Lab. He bought a 50% share of the Lab so he will ultimately be the boss. 
My part of the program is a simple talk that explains why we are so successful.  My goal is to get them to allow us to come to their farm to explain what we do.
This year has been a dry one and the rain that has come this last week has brought some smiles on their faces.  I have pleased them enough so they have decided they would like me to stay here through the month of March and I have accepted.
I love what I am doing. It is warm here. In fact in the north end of the North Island it is a 365 day growing season so there is always grass. Our job is to get the correct soil environment to encourage the growth of the proper grass varieties and get the maximum amount of TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) per acre. 
The thing I do is what I am good at. I WOULD RATHER DO THAT THAN ANYTING I can think of. I know I can help literally a huge number of people make a more enjoyable job out of milkng cows.  The primary problem here is finding the missing ingredient in the grass as a diet. The grass is going to get what the soil has to offer. So it we can find a poor or imbalanced soil and correct the problem we can make a really amazing difference in the grass.
A for instance if the soil is low in manganese it simply will not grow good grass but if a small amount of maybe 50 Kg/acre may be all it takes. (The New Zealanders use the metric system.)
I haven’t had this much fun since I left Pro-Ag and I am feeling excited, enthused and happy.
I feel like I have a new lease on life and am determined to enjoy it while I have the chance.
Janice Scott and I have talked on the phone several times and we were scheduled to have her come here this weekend but since there has been a rain where she works they have told her if she wants to keep her job she will work this weekend. She is paid for the pears she picks so she has learned how to do it better and she says she is tired and has a new respect for the farm workers.
I feel better than I have felt all year so far.  IT IS WARM!!!! I love what I am doing.
I have made up my mind I ain’t coming back until it warms up in Minnesota.
Thanks to Bill Schmidt for helping me.
I think I will have some good pictures. I haven’t had a chance to see them yet. I hope Bill can call Luella and read her the letter. I will try to call her tomorrow.
I hope this email reaches some of you. 
Doc Bob the happy cow doc

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