Bless and be blessed

One of your greatest sources of pleasure and inner peace is the ability you have to bless others.

This short message is a new adventure for many of us because it is an investigation into the why some things happen in our lives. We are spiritual beings and the spiritual aspect of our makeup is not really emphasized in our western culture.

The American Indian’s culture was one where the spiritual aspect was a concept that began when the children were small because they were told of the power of the Great Spirit.

The framers of our constitution were well aware of this power because in the opening of our constitution we are told that we are endowed with the ability to search for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There is no doubt in my mind that this concept is one of the main contributors to the greatness of the United States of America.

We can and should develop blessing in our lives and include it in our pursuit of happiness.

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