Best time in my life

This morning we leave the office of Quantum Laboratories and head off to Lake Taupo to deliver some soil test reports and then head toward the coast near Tauranga where Peter has a cabin near the sea.
I am eager to get headed toward my family and hope Luella is on her way to recovery. I have had an emotional roller coaster wondering what is happening with her health problems.
This has been one of best times in my life. There simply are not adequate words to express the good things that have happened. For about the last five years of my life it has been increasingly difficult for me to get up off of a chair. It was virtually impossible for me to get out of a booth in a restaurant so we had to hunt for a table. I was careful to continue to ride my bike and was doing everything I knew to do keep some of athletic ability but I became more and more feeble. I had resigned myself to admit that if I fell down I would need help to get back up. [Read more →]