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I’m working with Peter Lester, a long time friend.  His website is: 

We will have a series of lectures beginning Friday and then we will cover most of the north island with an exciting trip and a team of Raymond Burr, the new co-owner who sold his dairy to be able to tell others about the success he hqd here.

He milked over 500 cows and did it with three people including himself and his success story is a truly amazing story of turning a disaster into a shining example.

His worst year he had a vet bill of $53,000.00 dollars and the year he sold about 12 years later it was $13,000.00. Of course the production was nearly double and the terrible task of treating maybe 40 or more cows following each milking was eliminated.

He is a truly great dasiryman and I am anxious to help him tell his story because it is exactly the sort of target all animal husbandry needs.

All flesh is grass and if the grass is good so are the qanimals that eat it.

I hope to get some good photos.
If we give this program several times my goal is to put it on a DVD.
We have all the lateswt equipment a good laptop ad projector that shows a powerpoint storu, We have a projector that shows overhead slides and it is and will be a friswt class show.

From New Zealand

Feb 22, 2009

From Bob Scott

I am in a lovely new home in a town called Waipawa NZ

I have the very great honour and pleasure to be planning a lecture and sales tour to present to several different farmer meetings.

I am employed by Dr. Peter Lester. is an old friend of mine and a classmate in a training school in Brookside Laboratories in Ohio in 1975. We have had the pleasure of working together several ties and this time we are helping to introduce a new owner and partner in the Laboratory.

This afternoon he took me to Hastings and Napier so we had the opportunity to visit and get acquainted. He is a very enthusiastic and has been a hared working dairyman since 1992. He was milking over 500 cows so he is a man who brings practical experience to the Quantum lab sales team.

For the next three days we will be developing our story to explain how the consulting services of Quantum Lab can change the profitability of any farming enterprise. It us such a thrill for me to be included with this team.

I cannot think of a single thing I would rather be doing than travelling to learn more about farming, visiting with the people who produce food and being able to tell them some of the things I have been blessed to learn. I am absolutely delighted to be here and doing what I know I am good at doing.

I am using Peter Lester’s computer.

More later Your friend Doc Bob the cow doc