About Dr. Bob


This is Dr. Bob Scott. — 2002

He died 3:30 A.M., March 20, 2010

I gave this uniform to one of my grandsons, Edward Robert Scott so I cannot wear it any more.

The Blue Rifle on my left is the Combat Infantryman Badge.  I don’t know why I was not wearing more ribbons when this was taken. One I am especially proud of was the Bronze Star awarded for heroism in battle.  I know it is on the uniform I gave to Ed.

The red ribbon is a good conduct medal and the green and brown one is the ETO campaign ribbon and it has 3 battle stars in it.

The round blue button is for 50 years of service in the Last Squad Club in Brighton, Colorado where I belonged after I got discharged.

The gold colored medal on the right breast shows I was honorably discharged.

I was discharged in the State of Washington from the 2nd division and that is the yellow patch on the right shoulder.  The patch on the left shoulder is the 6th Armored Division.

I never got any rank above Private first class and that is the single stripe on my upper arm.

WWII Memorial