Your DNA

 A story about your DNA

Genes are portions of the Chromosomes.  Chromosomes are the portions of the DNA.

DNA is a remarkable chemical code that controls the way each cell in your body is structured.

Imagine if you can  that the moment you were conceived some of the chromosomes for one parent combined with the  chromosomes of the other parent and the new individual now contains an absolutely different blueprint form every other  person on the earth.

Then when you accept this fact, enlarge your thinking to recognize that every living thing has s similar type of cell identification.  If you could find the model and serial number of a cell in your body or a the body of a sugar beet, or a  goldfish, or a  mouse, or a house fly that model and serial  number is the  DNA molecule,

The DNA is the chemical code or instruction blueprint that instructs the cell how to  build another cell exactly like itself.

The fact that cells  maintain the integrity of a single   organ in the body depends on the ability of  the cell to make another  exactly like itself.  The simplest example we can all visualize is to know that if you make a cut in your skin the skin will repair itself.  If it is a bigger cut we put  stitches into the skin to  hold the cut edges together while the skin build new cells to repair the damage. 

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