Template to guide your thinking

I had six honest serving men

They taught me all I knew

Their names were, What and Where and When

And How and Why and Who

This is a template to guide your thinking. It has a universal application to any task which requires your thinking and planning for your next action.

These six questions if used properly will give you the answer to virtually any problem you will encounter. The simplest way I know to teach about the skill of making good decisions is to provide an example.

This is the way I became a valuable trouble shooter for the company I worked for. Our job was to supply new, different and effective treatments for all manner of animal enterprises on farms. We had unique and valuable answers to improve the profit for any farmer who depended on his animals to make him some money.

The circumstances for my first meeting with the farmer were usually potentially very challenging because the farmer was very unhappy. His cows were sick and he had spent some money for what he thought was going to be an answer to his problem. Now that money is gone and the disease problem has gotten worse and his monetary losses were severe enough that his farm would be facing bankruptcy.

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