Best time in my life

This morning we leave the office of Quantum Laboratories and head off to Lake Taupo to deliver some soil test reports and then head toward the coast near Tauranga where Peter has a cabin near the sea.
I am eager to get headed toward my family and hope Luella is on her way to recovery. I have had an emotional roller coaster wondering what is happening with her health problems.
This has been one of best times in my life. There simply are not adequate words to express the good things that have happened. For about the last five years of my life it has been increasingly difficult for me to get up off of a chair. It was virtually impossible for me to get out of a booth in a restaurant so we had to hunt for a table. I was careful to continue to ride my bike and was doing everything I knew to do keep some of athletic ability but I became more and more feeble. I had resigned myself to admit that if I fell down I would need help to get back up.
During our study here to prepare for the farmer talk we would present Peter showed me some of the things he had learned about the element Manganese,
Manganese is a critical and very important trace mineral. It is commonly one of the elements that maybe a factor in raising grass so of course he knew about its great power to correct a balance of trace elements in the soil. He has a book printed in Australia by a professor Dr. E. J. Underwood, He explains that unless there is adequate Manganese the plant cannot split the water molecule into the H+ and OH- ions,
At Peter’s suggestion, I began to take a Manganese pill every other day. In about a week to my surprise and amazement I could easily get up out of a chair! ! !
I went to the beach with Raymond and his children on the first Sunday I was here and when I was wading in the surf the return flow of the water washed the sand out from under my feet and I fell down. I had great difficulty to get turned over to my hands and knees but I could not get up so fortuately they were able to get me upright and I left the water for what I was sure would be the last time I would try that again.
Janice and her friend John arrived here on a Friday. The day I got the news about Luella. Because she was here I could think about other things. John asked Peter Lester if we could use the Jeep to go to the beach and Peter said, “sure go ahead”.
I am so hapy to report that I waded in the Ocean again! I sat down on the sand to eat our picnic lunch and I can get up by myself, I am delightged and feel better than I have felt in years.
This has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I will be forever grateful to Peter and his entire crew for the kindness they have shown to me.
While I know I must go home and face whatever problems will be there I am sorry to leave this wonderful job I had here.
I will not be able to use this computer again and I ask you to wait until I get home to try to contact me by email. I think my comcast connection has been turned off so I am out of touch for a few days.
It has been a joy to be able to give you some reports and I will be pleased to connect again.
Thanks for your friendship
Doc Bob the cow doc

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  1. Dr. Bob…enjoyed reading of your experiences and will be glad to hear from you again after your move to California. Sending Best Wishes and Prayers.

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