Gideons list of scripture references

The Bible has a wonderful and powerful capability to lift the human spirit and give hope and faith and love to anyone who can discover the marvelous truths that have been placed there for our benefit.Almost a hundred years ago there were two men in a hotel room in Wisconsin who were both students of the Bible. They had an idea that if they could devise ways to put Bibles where people could read them it would be a blessing to this nation.

Today this organization is composed of thousands of people who are called Gideons and the Gideons have put Bibles in most of the rooms in our hotels. Today many of the Bibles printed by and for the Gideons contain a list of scripture references so even if you never had a Bible in your hands before you can turn to the powerful words of God so you can receive the help and faith in yourself to find the hope you can use to conquer fear, find answers to personal problems, get an idea to help you if you are Anxious, Bereaved, Defeated, Depressed, Discouraged and the list goes on and on.

I have been very blessed in many ways in my life but perhaps the greatest blessings have always come from a lesson learned in a time of adversity. The natural God-given instinct in time of great fear or sorrow or danger is to call out to God for help.

I was an infantry soldier in World War II and I can tell you there were no atheists in the foxholes we dug for our personal protection.

Most of you who are reading this page will remember when a word of encouragement or love or kindness or even a severe scolding changed your life. Words have power.

I believe we are spiritual beings. We have 3 distinct parts in our makeup.

We have a body, composed of bones, muscles, hide hair and blood.

We have a soul and my definition of the soul is it is the power to understand an abstract idea. It is the thing that enables is to have faith, hope, and love. And as St. Paul said, the greatest of these is love.

The third aspect of our self is the spirit. When a baby is born God has been in charge as the baby grew from the 2 cells that merged at the time of conception. One cell from the father and one from the mother and from that instant until the time of birth God was guiding the formation of the body and we are fearfully and wondrously made. Until that baby takes its first breath it is not a complete human.

When we hear the baby cry and we know the lungs are working we know we have a new son or daughter. Then the spirit enters the body….

When the spirit leaves the body it takes the soul with and the soul and spirit are eternal beings. You are no longer in the body, it was yours to use while you were here on earth. In order to be a person you need a body, soul and spirit. To be a legal resident you need a body and God furnished it for you at birth.

Now if God was involved in your conception, and developed a marvelous body for you to use it follows then that the same power that gave you life wants to give you the capability to have an abundant life. John 10, 10.

The message and the truth is there it is up to us to find it and use it.

John 8, 32. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

God literally lives in you in the form of the spirit and it is His power that gives you the breath for every day of your life.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom or knowledge.” Proverbs chapter one verse 7.

As you begin to investigate the mighty power of God’s word in the Bible it can and will give confidence in fact it says, “The fear of the Lord is strong confidence!” In Joel 3, 10 it says “beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears and let the weak say I am strong.”

God’s telephone number is JER 33-3. It says, “Call unto me and I will answer and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”

We have given you a sample of the list of bible help here at end of this article.  If you find hope and help in this sample, the entire list of the Gideons is in a PDF file you can find at this link.  Print it you like. 

This list was prepared by the Gideons. It tells you where to find answers when you are.


Psalm 34 verse 4
Matthew 10, 28
2nd Timothy 1, 7
Hebrews 13 5&6

Psalm 46
Matthew 6, 19 to 34
Philippians 4, 6
1 Peter 5, 6&7

Psalm 51
1 John 1, 4 to 9

Matthew 5, 4
2nd Corinthians 1, 3&4

Bitter or Critical
1 Corinthians chapter 13

Conscious of Sin
Proverbs 28, 13

Romans 8, 31 to39

Psalm 34

Psalm 91
Psalm 118, 5&6
Luke 8 22 to 25

Psalm 23
Psalm 42, 6 to 11
Psalm 55, 22
Matthew 5, 11 &12

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