The End in Europe – Chapter 6

I want to inject someplace what a joy and privilege it has been for me to have a break in my day to day life to do something completely different than I usually do.  I haven’t made a sales call for a week.  I have played with my grandsons and know that my dad was right when he said, You never get any closer to heaven than you are when you are playing with our grandchildren.”  As I was writing this final chapter, some of the zip went out of my enthusiasm and I didn’t keep my usual habit of saving my work as I went.  I had an emergency call to rescue Alex from sort of peril and when I came back I punched some button and it was the wrong button and I simply could not find the chapter I had written.

I was telling Dana that I needed to do the last chapter over because of an error in keeping my records straight and she said it would have upset her to do it.  I told her that it had happened before and that I needed to do it again for some reason.  When I woke up in the middle of the night, I knew what I had left out and why my writing had ceased to be the pleasure it had been. 

This is the great key.  It can be measured by the wisdom of the hundreds of thousands of prisoners we took in the last few weeks of combat.  The word was out.  Russia, thru our democrat’s bungling at Yalta, was to receive the lion’s share of the territory in Eastern Europe.  The lines were drawn and those who were already displaced wanted to wind up in the American Sector.

The people of the World know that America is the great power and the great Nation.  The reason America was great is because her people were great.  Her people were great because of a deep faith in God Almighty.   Sadly, today some of the accusations of Islamic people about the US being the great Satan are true.  Our ACLU, the liberal democrat judges who have made law by interpreting the constitution according to their whims and the power of the Liberals like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other black leaders who make a business of stirring up problems about how the black child is disadvantaged have certainly weakened our nation. 

LBJ and his Great society started pouring money into the poor black communities over a generation ago.  We have spent enough money to build a nice 3 bedroom home for every family in America and give it to them free of charge if we had spent it wisely and well.  Instead we have built a welfare state which allows generations of families to grow up with no father in the home, no exposure to the wisdom the Holy Bible and lack of respect for all the ten commandments.  The thing that made America great and strong in 1946 when the war ended in Europe is not true today and unless we recognize how stupid it is to allow politicians to buy votes by encouraging entitlement and getting power by giving the  have-nots some of what the haves have earned we are making sure our families will never have the potential power my children had when they grew up in the 1960’s.  The lessons of history are so very important.  LBJ and his bungling of the Vietnam mess weakened our nation.  It took a man like Ronald Reagan to once again strengthen our military, challenge the communists, and bring down the iron curtain and start us on the road to superiority once again. 

The liberal view is always made to look so caring and so wonderful.  Believe this old man, liberals are robbing our children of freedom.  When we don’t teach them to pray at meal time, when we ignore the responsibility of being sure they learn about the ten commandments, when we forsake the traditions that built strong family ties, we are asking for the sort of nation described in the 28th chanter of Deuteronomy beginning at about the 16th verse.  If you don’t go read it you miss an opportunity look into the mirror and see where we are.  I pray that enough of our nation will recognize that the pathway to freedom, happiness, opportunity, prosperity, and abundance is not thru the liberal government but thru the will of an educated and Godly people. 

Unless God is in it, the devil is.  He comes to kill, steal and destroy and he is dong an excellent job when we can elect a man like Bill Clinton to the most powerful office in the land when none of us trust him enough to want to be his business partner.

It isn’t just slick Willie, look at the motives, actions, ethics and performance of his partners in fooling the people.  Dick Gebhart has a huge home on the eastern shore supposedly represents the poor people in East St. Louis.  He has taken money from somewhere and we can point the place at  that house and time where he is a grand example of the power that comes to high ranking Democrats.  Look at Jim Wright of Fort Worth Texas. Tom Foley of the state of Washington and Rosty Rostenkowski from Wisconsin if you want to see how absolute power does actually corrupt our men and our leaders.  The current fight in the Congress and the very great effort to brand Newt as a bad guy is inspired by jealousy.  He became a millionaire by writing a book and none of the books that Foley, or Wright or Al Gore or the other liberal bunch cannot get sold without government subsidy.

I know I have told you all this before but I have, I believe a wider view of the potential damage the liberals have done than any one who ever grew up in the 1960’s. 

To shorten the sermon, and I guess it did turn into a sermon, I will quote from the real source.  Look it up and mark it in your Bible and when you need to know what God wants from you go read it again.  If you read it at least ten times, it will finally stand out in neon lights and you will begin to wonder what else is in that wonderful book.  I love having the Bible in my computer so I can go and copy a sentence and then transfer it to this paper.  I recommend it to anybody who wants to study Micah 6:8 (KJV)   He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

I have studied for at least a half century to find the brief description of what God wants and I believe Micah wrote it down over 3000 years ago.  One of our great literary critics said brevity is the soul of wit.  I apologize for taking so long to get to the point.

Once the decision was made for us to turn southeast and not take Berlin, there was a change in our speed.  There was no use to take territory and risk our lives when we knew we would surrender it back to the Russian.

The flood of prisoners grew by huge proportions and literally thousands a day ran to be captured by the American. We stopped at the Mulde River near a town called Rochlitz, Checkoslovkia if you want to look on a map to see where we quit.

It took just a few days for us to turn and head west.  There was a new urgency.  Anyone who had been in combat only since Jan 1945, was headed for amphibious training in LeHarve.  We were going to be the shock troops headed for the invasion of Japan.

Instead of training at LeHarve, by the time the 40 & 8’s who hauled us back to the French coast arrived there was a troop ship waiting for us.  We got a good meal and loaded on board and American ship about three times the size of the one I went over on.  The trip back took only 5 days and there was nobody shooting at us.  It was warm, smooth and wonderful!!!

I didn’t have the foggiest notion of what an A-Bomb was. but two of them were announced as important news to us on the way across the Atlantic.  We arrived in New York on VJ day.  It was a wonderful and spectacular feeling I will never forget.  We were treated like heroes.  My heart aches for the boys who came home from Vietnam and to sort of welcome they got.  I just hope there are enough of us old guys who tell our next generation how we goofed to allow our busy lives and lack of attention to how we vote to let the liberals get the power they have. 

Our nation cannot survive when we continue to elect a president with only 24% of the people who live here to be the deciding vote.  We must recognize that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

God bless you all.  doc Bob

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