I love to tell Bible Stories

 Dear Friend who I hope loves Bible Stories

I wrote this set of pages to attempt to get my  grandchildren to begin  to love and read the Bible.

It is wonderful hand a young person the  Bible and then tell them it is full of  good stories.

That is the truth but unless  they have some  idea  of where  to look or where to start the  thing that happens  they will begin  with good intentions but are soon discouraged  because  they really don’t know where to look or worse yet they have never heard some  of the famous Bible stories.

Daniel is one of the best. story tellers.

The  3 men in the fiery furnace can spark a child’s imagination.  When  they see the  king is  sorry and finds out  that  Jesus met these men and  protected  them it can  leave an impression in their minds  that will enrich their lives for the rest of their life. 

I am sure that is precisely why   God had Daniel write the story in the first place.

This set of stories is my gift to you in the hopes it will help you with your teaching assignment.  The stories are short enough so that they will fit in most single session periods. 

If this Idea has any merit for your teaching you will know after you try one or two of these stories.

If it stimulates the desire of kids to begin to read the   bible it will change their lives. 

Thank you for letting me give it to you and I pray it makes a difference

Bob Scott 

1120 Lois Court

Shoreview, MN 55126



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