Dear Bill,

Could you please also add these photos to Doc’s web site. He was supposed to go fishing with us but could not make it this time.

The fishing was amazing this year about 23 miles North and West of Westport, Washington. We were on the Caterpillar powered “Tally-ho” a wonderful 46′ vessel skippered by Bob Hellbig and his spectacular deck hand John. My arm is still sore from fighting with the monsters. We caught over 60 fish and had our limit by 1:30. I could not keep all the lines baited and in the water.

All the best,

David C. Scott


The handsome young man with the Red Sweatshirt admiring the catch in the fishing hold is Eric Otto Scott, the great fisherman.


Emilie Scott is the courageous young Las who braved the wind, weather, and waves to make it out to the fishing bank.  Emilie was the youngest and bravest member of the crew that day.  She had the “Lucky Fishing Pole” on the bow of the Tally-Ho.  I actually lost track of how many fish she pulled in with that rod.




Alex Scott and the monster of the deep.  When the photo of Alex was taken, there was actually a rainbow behind him. I am certain Doc was with us!

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